This sweet Santa hat for pets conceals a scary secret: a spring-loaded clip that holds the cap in place via pointy plastic teeth.     

Clip-On Pet Santa Hat Hides Insanity Claws

Aww, that sweet li'l puppy looks so cute wearing its wee widdle Santa cap! See how the cheery cherry-red topper remains its jaunty perch atop Fido or Fifi's noggin no matter how much the playful pup prances, dances and hops like an over-excited reindeer on Xmas eve?

Want to know how that's possible? Careful what you wish for... aaand we're gonna tells ya anyway! Yeah, so dogs aren't really built to wear clothes but that's what you pet-owners want, and will pay for. In this case, the payment works out to just 418 yen (about $3.83) which isn't much to pay. That's the good part but wait, there's more!   

Clip-On Pet Santa Hat Hides Insanity Claws

The “guts” of this 4-inch long polyester cap (and likely others of its type) consist of a springy clip that clutches the wearer's fur in a cold and unyielding grip. One would assume the effectiveness of the clip would depend on how much fur there is to grip... we're lookin' at you, cute curly-haired poodles, and we haz a sad.

Anyway, it's up to pet owners whether to subject their dogs – maybe even their cats – to the bloodless jaws of the “Cute Christmas Santa Hat”. We'll give retailer Bestever Japan some credit for qualifying its use, though: they imply it could be “worn” by a stuffed toy or a doll. Yes, let's go with that, shall we? Your pets will surely thank you... by letting you live.