Yo, I'ma let you finish reading but these poor dogs & cats sport some of the worst haircuts of all time! Granted the groomers display advanced shearing skills and jaw-dropping creativity, it's obvious the vict- er, subjects of these well-meaning yet misguided clip jobs aren't exactly impressed with the finished results.  


Stegosaurus Cat

Who's hoping an enormous cosmic hairball will wipe out life as we know it on planet Earth? You are, Stegosaurus Cat, you are! (weird cat haircut via SCMP)  


Overalls Dog

C'mon now, shearing is for sheep, not sheepdogs and this is overall awful. Speaking of our woolly friends, it's  a good thing this pup isn't a Border Collie charged with herding the flock – the lambs will be ROFL (rolling on field laughing) at his baaad haircut. (weird dog haircut via Blazepress)  


Cornrows cat

Cool cat with cornrows? Not when the “cat” is a cat – that's just wrong, dude. (weird cat haircut via Oh No They Didn't)  


Bee Dog

Honey I'm home! This is not the buzzcut you, your dog or anyone else was looking for. Seriously, this is one bee-draggled beest – better stop staring or you might break out in hives.  (weird dog haircut via Geekologie)   


Lion Butt Cat

Who in the world would trim a cat's fur into a lion's head. Professional groomers, that's who, and they do this every year at the Intergroom show in New Jersey... and we're not lion. “Big Boy” here doesn't seem thrilled with having the king of beasts seemingly growing out of his butt... better not tell him he didn't even win. (weird cat haircut via Daily Mail UK)  


Goofy Disney Dog

Now this is Goofy on multiple levels. Even if you like all things Disney, this cringeworthy trim has got to have you hoping the trimmer feels the righteous wrath of Disney's take-no-prisoners legal team. You'd expect the dog to be made up as Pluto, at the very least... oh yeah, Pluto is a HAPPY dog. (weird dog haircut via Memes.com)


Lexus Grey Cat

"My Other Cat Is A Porsche". Credit (or castigate) Taiwanese pet grooming studio Igogo for trimming this perfectly good grey cat into a cheap auto advert. It's not even the top model Lexus as it's only rated at one cat-power. (weird cat haircut via Wereblog)  


Square Head Dog

Is a square deal really a fair deal? It would seem that trimming your dog to be as round or square as possible is some sort of trend in Taiwan; because of course it is. (weird dog haircut via Siam55


Green Dragon Cat

Bizarrely trimmed, dyed green and striped with a Sharpie is no way to go through life, son. Or cat, as the case may be. Supposedly this gruesome grooming was intended to turn a perfectly good kitty into a fire-breathing dragon – less the fire-breathing, mind you. The joke's on the owner of this broke-ass dragon: have you seen the price of dragon-chow lately? (weird cat haircut via RT)  


Hello Kitty CatDog

Dressing up your cat in a Hello Kitty costume? Weird. Trimming your dog's back fur into a Hello Kitty face? Bizarre! And we haven't even gotten the dog's reaction yet. One would hope this poor put-upon pooch doesn't see its back in the mirror; it just might screw itself into the floor. (weird cat haircut via Mirror UK)  

All kidding aside, we expect the concept of “artistically” trimming dogs and cats may offend a substantial fraction of our readers. Stating “it could be worse”, as in the case of tattooing pets, won't make such folks feel any better... and that's cool, that's their right. Just sayin', don't shoot the messenger here – we neither condone nor condemn the practice; we're just bringing it to your notice.



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