Russian actor and blogger Roman Pritula loves the film Dumb & Dumber so much, he recreated the flick's shaggy Mutt Cutts van and drives it all over St Petersburg.   

Clever Russian Actor Recreates Dumb And Dumber Van

The movie's name is Dumb and Dumber but you can call Roman Pritula clever and cleverer. Not only has the popular (in Russia, at least) actor and blogger recreated one of the 1994 film's most memorable props, he's been having a blast driving it through the Russian city of St Petersburg.

Hopefully he hasn't gone all-out for accuracy by loading up a cargo of poorly-secured canines and condiments, or partnering-up with a post-soviet Jim Carrey imitator. Check out this video of the re-booted russkie Mutt Cutts van in action, courtesy of CBS Miami.   

Clever Russian Actor Recreates Dumb And Dumber Van

This isn't Pritula's first art car project: he's scored previous successes decorating one vehicle with Skittles candies and another with Ruble coins. His mock-up Mutt Cutts van, on the other hand, is garnering much more attention both in-person locally and worldwide virally.

Regarding the former, Roman stated that traffic police pulled him over the very first time he took the van out for “walkies”, but they couldn't come up with a way to make the ticket stick... blame the faux fur car cover that took three days to sew.

Clever Russian Actor Recreates Dumb And Dumber Van

So why on earth would anyone do this to their prized vintage Volkswagen Transporter van? “I wanted to to make it for a while because the movie Dumb and Dumber is one of my favorite movies,” stated Pritula. “I had had the idea for a long time and then the circumstances coincided so it was born, all of a sudden.”

"It was not like I had planned it a year ago and then filmed it,” added the jumped-up Jeff Daniels wannabe. “No, It was born spontaneously, we came up with it and started to make it literally a week before the shooting.” Extra kudos go out to Pritula's long-suffering spouse, who's credited with sewing the mobile mega-mutt's floppy ears. (via English Russia and CCTV-Facebook)