A cat-owning British couple whose landlord banned them from installing cat flaps on their rental cottage's back doors decided to take the high road... or at least, their tomcat Nelson did.  

Clever Couple's Cat Ladder Solves Flap Over Cat Flap Ban

Oxford University PhD student Tariq Khoyratty and his girlfriend Nikki thought they'd found the perfect home for themselves and their tomcat, Nelson, when they moved into a cozy Grade II listed cottage.

Trouble was, any “improvements” to buildings listed by Historic England (and there are over 350,000 Grade II listed buildings in England and Wales) must be approved and the couple's plans for installing cat flaps, unfortunately, were not.

Clever Couple's Cat Ladder Solves Flap Over Cat Flap Ban

Putting their smarts to work and their noses to the grindstone, Tariq and Nikki arrived at a solution that would satisfy both Historic England and Nelson: a 7-meter (23 ft) long bridge-like ladder their cat could use to exit and re-enter the home through an upstairs window. The entire project cost them less than £25 (about $30.50).   

Clever Couple's Cat Ladder Solves Flap Over Cat Flap Ban

"We were a little apprehensive at first as to whether he'd use the ladder so we made a small practice one which we propped against the downstairs window," explained Tariq. "Once he was used to that, we coaxed him onto the larger ladder with treats and he took to it very quickly."

The top of the ladder is attached to the window frame with non-intrusive elastic bungee cords; a fix that may not look very aesthetic but which won't raise the ire of their landlord. As for Nelson, he now employs the ladder as his main means of egress and ingress. (via Metro UK, images via 37Hz included for clarity only)


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