A streetwise cat in Dartford, UK was caught on dashcam crossing a busy two-way road at a marked zebra crossing. Not only did the cat pause and look both ways before venturing into traffic, other drivers noted its presence and stopped as if it were an ordinary person and not an extraordinary feline.

Clever Cat Uses Crosswalk To Cross Busy British Street

The tale of the so-called Crosswalk Cat would be chalked up as just another fish story if it were not for Justin Scrutton of Dartford, just east of metro London, recording the jaw-dropping event on his car's dashcam. Scrutton then uploaded the footage to YouTube with the comment, “Cat using a zebra crossing - only in Dartford”. The video has garnered over 30,000 views at press time.


Scrutton was returning from getting his car cleaned, according to ITV Meridian, when he noticed the black & white cat edging into the street. He slowed to a stop in case the cat decided to bolt into traffic. "I was amazed when the car on the other side of the road stopped too and the cat calmly crossed" said Scrutton. Nice to see at least one cat has learned the rules of the road or, more likely, has got humans all figured out. (via UPI and ITV)

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