Mother knows best, no matter what the species! A clever calico cat from Istanbul (not Constantinople) reminded us of that salient fact when she brought her sick kitten to the right place... no, not the vet, the emergency department of a nearby hospital!    

Clever Cat Mom Brings Sick Kitten To Human Hospital

No offense to veterinarians, mind you, but this particular feline made her choice and as it turned out, it was the right choice. Pics or it didn't happen? It did and, thanks to Twitter member Merve Ozcan, we've got both the pics and some back-story.

“Today we were in the emergency of the hospital,” wrote Ozcan, when “a cat brought her baby in her mouth to the emergency room.” Things could have taken a turn for the worse at that moment – hospital policies and protocols being a thing – but Turkey (and Turks) have got a soft spot for cats. To quote one commenter at Ozcan's Twitter, “In Turkey, stray cats and dogs are like everyone's pet.”

Clever Cat Mom Brings Sick Kitten To Human Hospital

We don't suppose the doctors and nurses in the emergency department dropped everything to care for the sick kitten... Turkey, like much of the world, is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and its tragic human fallout.

That said, Ozcan's photos show staff dealing with both mom and child in a  compassionate manner. The witness also reported that doctors quickly determined the nature of the problem, and even had some milk and cat food on hand to calm the caring cat mom, who apparently had recently birthed a litter of kittens close by.

Clever Cat Mom Brings Sick Kitten To Human Hospital

Having dealt with the emergency, hospital staff made contact with a local veterinarian who gladly took over, and who wasn't overly perturbed at not being the mom's first choice of caregiver.

Ozcan's post quickly went viral and the unusual yet heartwarming happenstance was widely reported on by the Turkish mainstream media. Many have inquired as the the welfare of the mom and her kitten but not to worry, both are doing well. Keep that in mind the next time YOUR mom has some advice to give!