Timid calico cat, Cleo from Surrey, England, bravely stepped out of her comfort zone to become a prize-winning heroine. Read her sweet story of love and rescue below.

Cleo Is A Brave Little Cat

This timid little feline was awarded the Cat Protection Hero of the Year moniker for her brave actions in saving the life of her owner, Richard Jenkins, who was having a heart attack. She not only raised the alarm that he was ill by waking his wife, Pauline, but also refused to leave his side and sat beside him on the bed while paramedics performed emergency life-saving measures. (See: English Setter Saves Owner From Heart Attack.)


Cleo the Heroine
Life With Cats

Pauline Jenkins knew something was terribly wrong when the usually peaceful and quiet cat began running up and down the stairs meowing loudly and incessantly until she followed Cleo upstairs where Ms. Jenkins found her husband lying on the bed and complaining of severe chest pains. She quickly dialed 911 and paramedics confirmed that her husband had suffered a heart attack and required emergency life-saving treatment. (See: Pot-Bellied Pig Saves Owner From Heart Attack.)

While these actions would be formidable enough coming from anyone's pet, the fact that Cleo would never remain in a room when someone she didn't know approached her space hurls her spirit into a realm where only heroes belong. When her owner returned from the hospital, 15 year-old Cleo remained with him on the bed around the clock until he was back on his feet. (See: The Cat Who Dialed 911.)

The judge who deemed Cleo the winner of the Cat Protection Hero of the Year Award said that he selected her because "Cleo overcame her own fear of strangers to help her beloved owner. It was just that one factor that pushed it for me." (See: Buddy the Cat Saves Owner From Heart Attack.)

For any animal to venture away from its comfort zone is not a common occurrence. Cats particularly don't usually travel far from where they feel most at home. But Cleo's love for her owner and fear for his safety overwhelmed her own discomfort and propelled her to action. Her efforts aided in summoning paramedics to the scene in time to provide emergency measures that saved Richard Jenkin's life.

Way to go, Cleo!

Good girl!

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