The Zip cat scratching post from Tuft + Paw doubly shreds the competition on cat satisfaction and couch preservation.    

The Zip scratching post from Tuft + Paw

Cats gonna scratch, of that you can be sure, but kitty's natural instincts can sure spike a fever. You know the feeling: sweaty brow, elevated heart rate and the sinking feeling you get after your furry BFF quickly and efficiently depreciates the value of your heirloom sofa.

Thankfully, there's an attractive and effective solution: the Zip cat scratching post from cat furniture experts Tuft + Paw. This sturdy, well-built and thoughtfully designed scratching post looks good enough to BE furniture... or so your cat might think! The ol' “bait & switch” never worked so well!

The Zip scratching post from Tuft + Paw

This isn't the first cat scratching post we've featured here but unlike Tuft + Paw's versatile wall-mounted Tab scratching post, the Zip cat scratching post stands on its own via an 18” by 18” wood veneered base. The wide base provides essential stability for the 36” tall, sisal-covered post while a complementary flat cap offers a roost where kitty can survey his or her kingdom.

According to the website copy and accompanying photos, the post is “modeled by Kyro, who weighs 12 pounds,” and who appears to enjoy being perched upon his imperious tower of feline power.  

The Zip scratching post from Tuft + Paw

As long as we're on the topic of specs, the Zip cat scratching post is constructed from premium plywood with your choice of walnut, ash or black ash veneer on the base and cap. The vertical post surfaces are covered top to bottom with woven sisal carpet fabric dyed a pleasing medium-grey hue.

Cleaning is a cinch – simply wipe down the frame with a damp cloth and lint roll the sisal. The post itself is designed for easy 5-minute assembly at home using common household tools. Levellers are included to accommodate uneven floor surfaces. Uneven cats are your problem, sorry.

The Zip scratching post from Tuft + Paw

Last but not least, Tuft + Paw provides an online link should you need to chat with a cat product specialist who could quite possibly be Kyro him/herself – now wouldn't that be cool for cats!

For more information, images and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at Tuft+Paw : Modern Furniture for Cats.