You would hardly expect to use a Chuckit! Launcher and Chuckit! Ball in your home unless you wanted to smash a chandelier, knock down a lamp, or break a few choice antiques on your coffee table. Until Chuckit! Indoor Toys came out....


Chuckit! Indoor Launcher with Indoor Ball & Indoor Roller


Quite a bit less powerful than your outdoor Chuckit!, indoor Chuckit! toys are perfect for when weather or ground conditions don't permit outdoor play, and they're just as much fun.

The Chuckit! Indoor Launcher, above, is a bit lighter than the original launcher and it comes with the Chuckit! Roller.  It also accommodates the Chuckit Indoor Ball.

Made of soft "Bounceflex™ Core technology," the indoor Chuckit! BallChuckit! Roller, Chuckit! Indoor Fumbler (an indoor football) and Chuckit! Squirrel are bouncy but gentle. (Still, I wouldn't aim them at anything valuable.)

I like the Indoor Squirrel, which you can fling like a Frisbee.


Chuckit! Indoor Squirrel


I'm going to answer your first question: "Will my dog tear these toys apart?"

I don't know. The toys are made very well, but they are not indestructible.

Dogs are funny about their toys. They may shake them, paw at them, lick them, chew them, but don't necessarily try to destroy them. Reviews of the Indoor Squirrel, shown above, are very positive and only a few purchasers report that their dogs were destructive with them.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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