When I was a kid, my mom gave me a jar to fill with loose change so I could save it up and maybe buy something I normally wouldn't be able to afford a few months down the road. She eventually replaced it with the most adorable pink piggy bank in the world--something I couldn't bear to break when I needed the money one day.


Well, you won't be encountering the same problem I did, because there won't be any literal breaking to do with the Choken Bako Doggy Bank.

What makes this particular coin bank special is that the dog will eat your change. And no, I don't mean literally eat it, but you'll get what I mean when you see it in action. When you drop your coin into the bowl, the dog will move forward to take a bite--in effect, pushing it down and into the box.


The Choken Bako Dog Bank is available from Amazon for around $19. Don't you agree that these adorable coin banks make saving much more fun, even if you're not a kid anymore?

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