We're not saying the Chinese Army has gone to the dogs but in one city at least, soldiers at the end of their duty shift are exchanging salutes with a well-trained K9.    

Chinese Army Dog Salutes Soldiers Going Off Duty

“Drop and give me twenty... dog biscuits!” OK, things haven't gotten to that point yet but it's only a matter of time before “Duoduo” begins pushing the envelope of his power. The beloved black & tan German Shepherd mix already has soldiers from the Armed Police force in Suqian, Jiangsu Province, throwing salutes in unison.

Chinese Army Dog Salutes Soldiers Going Off Duty

The story goes, Duoduo appears before 20-man squads as they're about to leave their posts. Raising his paws and holding them aloft for over 10 seconds – not an easy thing for a dog to do – Duoduo calmly receives salutes from each squad. According to Chinanews.com, some of the soldiers are so touched by the display, they actually tear up.

Better not let Duoduo see you crying, soldier boys, or you'll be sent to KP where peeling bushels of onions will have you weeping for real!


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