A clever ginger cat from Belarus is making the most of its nine lives by patiently waiting at a crosswalk until road traffic had come to a stop.

Chill Kitty Walks Across Wintery Belorussian Crosswalk

We've seen it happen time and time again: an animal who shouldn't know what a crosswalk is or how it works, waits for drivers who DO know to stop, and then safely crosses a busy thoroughfare.

Now it's happened again and we've got pics (video, actually) to prove it! Kudos to the clever ginger cat for “seeming” to know how crosswalks work... more on that later. In the meantime, check out this 27-second video posted at English Russia. The background music, by the way, is a remix of the song “Happy New Year, Baby” by the popular Russian rock band Mumiy Troll.  

Chill Kitty Walks Across Wintery Belorussian Crosswalk

Anyway, yeah... is this really a clever cat or merely an observant one? We're leaning toward the latter option. Consider that crosswalks are usually situated where pedestrians would naturally cross a street, with unimpeded sight lines for both foot and motor traffic. Cats would naturally choose just that type of place when considering a street crossing.

Note as well that the cat didn't start to cross until it was sure all vehicles had come to a halt, something it would have done regardless of there being a crosswalk. Last but not least, we have to tip our cap to the car drivers for noticing a cat at the side of the road and, assuming it wanted to cross the street, stopping to let it pass. One would hope all concerned repeated their actions later on when the cat re-crossed on its way back home.