It's a thing. Chickens are becoming popular pets. And they are wearing tutus.


Sherbert Chicken Tutu

ThimbleWorks Sherbert Chicken Tutu (Barred Plymouth Rock chicken)


No, chicken tutus don't enhance egg production, nor do they necessarily attract roosters, but they are cute as heck and, who knows, maybe they make your chickens feel more loved. 

One thing's for sure, chickens are becoming more and more popular as pets. They're friendly and affectionate. And they even do well as house pets if they are diapered.


ThimbleWorks Pastel Rainbow Chicken Tutu

ThimbleWorks Pastel Rainbow Chicken Tutu


The Coombs, the husband and wife team at ShadeTree Acre's ThimbleWorks began adopting chickens in 2013 after both had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) from their prior service in the Marine Corps. It was recommended that chickens would be helpful in recovery. 

The chicken clothing business started after the couple noticed that some of the chickens were a bit ornery with each other and would peck and pull out each other's feathers.  Actually, males are quite aggressive in their mating activities, and hens are often the worse for wear, losing bloody feathers from their backs and wings. So the first line of clothing from ThimbleWorks was the 'chicken saddle,' or 'chicken first aid' to cover a hen's back.


ThimbleWorks Chicken Saddles

Chicken Saddles by ThimbleWorks


The saddles come 5 in a pack in colorful patterns. Those shown here are size 5, which is the standard size for chickens. To not just protect her back, but her wings as well, you might want to get the saddles that add butterfly covers, the Butterfly Chicken Saddles, below.


Butterfly Chicken Saddles

Butterfly Chicken Saddles by Thimbleworks


These Chicken Saddles are made of cotton with quilt batting in between the layers, so the Saddles keep your chicks warm as well as safe. They are machine washable and dryable.

Pet chickens are great for young kids. They teach responsibility and are affectionate. They're even great companions for adults and will sit on your lap and watch TV or cuddle up to you while you're sleeping. Plus, they lay fresh eggs several times a week!


Silkie chicken in pastel rainbow chicken tutu

Silkie chicken in ThimbleWorks pastel rainbow chicken tutu


Chicken experts say that certain breeds of chickens make better pets. 

The Silkie Chicken is named the best chicken pet most often. She is a super mom and will even sit on other birds' eggs, regardless of breed. Her cooperative nature makes her popular with other birds as well as with humans. She comes in a variety of colors. See the Silkie in photo just above.

The Barred Plymouth Rock (seen at very top) is another favorite pet. She's very affectionate and lays a lot of light brown eggs. Although fine as a house pet, the Barred Plymouth Rock loves to roam, so make sure she gets outside often.


ThimbleWorks Pastel Chicken Tutu on Orpington chicken

ThimbleWorks Pastel Chicken Tutu on Orpington chicken


The British Orpington was a favorite of the Queen mother, it is said. Whether it's her duty to her chicks, or her affection for her human caregivers, the Orpington is a classy pile of fluff you will just want to bury your face in. (photo just above)

Are you thinking of adopting a rooster as well? You don't 'need' a rooster, unless you want baby chickens, so if you are happy just having delicious fresh eggs every day or so, you get a healthy breakfast as well as a lovable and often, nutty, pet. Hens are not as noisy as roosters either.

(Some residential areas don't allow roosters because of the noise. There are cases, however, of presumably female chickens becoming roosters. It's a rare condition, a spontaneous sex reversal that occurs when a chicken's left ovary is not producing enough estrogen and her body starts to produce testosterone, changing her actual physical characterics into those of a rooster. See the Urban Chicken Podcast here.)


If you have a pet chicken, let us know about her in the comments section below!


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