If you think vending machines aren't the ideal sales venue for perishable foods like farm-fresh eggs, well, the yolk's on you!  

Chicken Head Egg Vending Machine from Japan

Farmers want to sell as many eggs as they can but they've got better things to do than hang around a roadside stand all day. A vending machine would be the ideal solution but not just any vending machine will do, for a variety of reasons. Luckily for both the farmers and fans of farm-fresh eggs, there's a vending machine designed to protect those delicate delights while conveniently disbursing them to buyers.

This Japanese egg vending machine boasts a number of unique features. First off, the cute chicken-head exterior is actually a canvas tent that shields the actual machine from direct sunlight. As well, it would appear there's a small refrigeration unit attached to the machine to keep the eggs cool.

Chicken Head Egg Vending Machine from Japan

The eggs are placed in mesh sacks by the farmer, who loads them into individual drawers each morning – you get about 10-12 eggs for 300 yen or around $3. Obviously, having the sacks tumble to the bottom of the machine like a soda can after a customer inserts their coins is a recipe for disaster.

About a third of the drawers are empty, whether due to buyers patronizing the machine before the photo was taken or perhaps the farmer's chickens couldn't keep up with his, er, best laid plans. Kudos to Flickr user JoshBerglund19 who came across the clever vending machine in Kashima, a town of around 9,000 people located in southern Japan's Kumamoto prefecture.