Tropical fish – the other white meat? A pet shop and a seafood store on Chicago's eclectic W Lawrence Ave may have shared more than just the same phone number.

Chicago Pet Shop & Seafood Store Share And Share Alike

Donna's Aquatic Pet Shop and Lee's Seafood Co., Inc appear to have had the market for fish cornered in the mid-2000's... and by “market”, we mean both for pets AND for dinner. The two businesses were located at 3055 W Lawrence Ave in Albany Park, a diverse community on the Northwest Side of Chicago.

While some folks noted the curiously creepy commercial coordination in passing, others were genuinely freaked out. The latter group is personified by one Erica, a friend of Flickr member Fuzzy Gerdes, who reportedly kept shouting “It's the same phone number!” while the photographer snapped the synchronous snapper sellers' storefronts in April of 2008.

Chicago Pet Shop & Seafood Store Share And Share Alike

Let us be the first to state that the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups theory of economics ("You got your peanut butter on my chocolate!" "You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!") doesn't really work here since pets and seafood are NOT two great tastes that taste great together.

In the event, democracy and the free market conspired to put the kibosh on Donna & Lee's aberrant aquarium/abattoir. The most recent Yelp review (ostensibly for Donna's) dates from January of 2008, and the popular crowd-sourced ratings service states that this location has been closed. Tanks for the memories! (images via Fuzzy Gerdes and Rob)