Caviar Cat Collars will have even the most pretentious kitty up to its neck in caviar-grained leather luxury.

Chic Caviar Cat Collars Complete Kitty's Couture

Collars are about the only “clothes” your cat will ever wear – willingly, at least – so it pays to invest a little to ensure Miss Fifi and/or Mr Tuxedo Pants outclass the feline hoi polloi.

Collars are also an essential aid to ownership and identification so yeah, that too. In fact, a quality collar succeeds on multiple levels, including comfort for the wearer: your cat should look good and feel great!   

Chic Caviar Cat Collars Complete Kitty's Couture

That said, not just any collar will do for your furry BFF. Seriously, you're splashing out dough on gourmet GMO no-antibiotics grain-free cat food so a top-rank “gourmet” collar shouldn't be too much of a stretch.

This brings us to these luxury Caviar Cat Collars from Cheshire & Wain. They got all the snob appeal of fine canned caviar with none of the fishy smell! They've even got the can – a novelty caviar tin ideal for storing spares and/or gift-giving to fellow one-percenter cat owners.

Chic Caviar Cat Collars Complete Kitty's Couture

Chose from six different color combos: Beluga, Keta, Tsar, Royal, Persian, and Caspian. Each collar is crafted from caviar-grained leather and boasts a soft suede lining. Non-toxic brass fittings distinguish the breakaway safety clip and removable bell.

Luxury Caviar Cat Collars are available in petite (6.6" to 8.6") size for small cats and kittens, and regular (7.4" to 9.8") size for all other cats. For more information and online ordering instructions, please visit the relevant product pages at Tuft + Paw for North American cat fanciers and Fletcher of London for European moggy-minders.