If you’re reading this, you are a fan of the animal kingdom. Whether you’re eager for elephants or crazy for crocodiles, I’ve gathered three titans of design to transform your living space into a classy, high-end zoo filled with awesome animal décor.



Pillows are a comfy necessity for your couch and bed, but accenting these cozy settings with silkscreen animal pillows from Broderpress transforms these areas into the most comfortable petting zoo you’ll ever nap in. Shannon Broder, the talented artist behind Broderpress, has stitched together an ark’s worth of soft and colorful creatures since 2009. Some examples of her cushion animals include rhinos, manatees, dinosaurs and delightfully unique mutant combination animals. Who could resist that plush Stegosaurus?



Karma Kiss Shelf Decor


Karma Kiss is well known for creating a huge variety of classy home goods, but I’m pretty sure that few people know about their stylish “shelf animals.” These vibrantly painted and hefty animals do an excellent job of sitting and staying as charming centerpieces to brighten up any room. Some of my favorites include the silvery “poised to attack” Rattlesnake and the classic green Brontosaurus, but with red roosters, black poodles, golden bulldogs and more, Karma Kiss has a critter for everyone’s visual tastes.



David Weeks Studio


The New York based David Weeks Studio has crafted a miniature zoo of incredibly fun wooden animals that will look fantastic on display now, but you’ll want to pass them on to your kids as an heirloom toy. With intricate pieces carved from beechwood, and strung along with sturdy cords for a high level of flexibility, Simus the Rhinoceros, Hugo the Wild Boar, Lucy the Crocodile and crew are as much for to play with as they are to pose and set as a piece of art. I recently had a chance to play with Ursa the Bear, and I was extremely impressed with Ursa’s size, flexibility and the item’s inherent personality. With so much apparent care, craftsmanship and love placed into each character, what animal fan wouldn’t want a desktop Hanno the Gorilla?



I’m no HGTV host, but I hope that I’ve inspired you to begin the redecorating process with these remarkable animal themed pieces. Don’t forget that you can get most of these delivered straight to your door via Amazon! Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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