Melissa and Doug’s giant stuffed animals are an excellent solution for everyone who’s wanted their very own bedside chimpanzee, elephant or great white shark.


These giant animal buddies are a particularly cool discovery of mine, as it eliminates all of the expensive permits, food and vet bills that come with owning a 4.5 foot tall giraffe baby. Seriously, these huge animals would make for an awesome gift for kids, nature enthusiasts and anyone looking for that special piece of office décor.

I am just as impressed with the high level of detail that went into crafting each species as I am with the wide variety of available creatures. After taking in the entire Melissa and Doug zoo, I really appreciated the intricate design work that went into the ginormous green alligator, technicolor T-Rex, textured sea turtle, lively orangutan and the cuddliest great white shark that I’ve ever seen. My favorites aside, there really is an animal for everyone, ranging from colossal traditional teddy bears and a towering cheetah, to a lanky lion and a spot-on stuffed clone of my canine pal, Jessie the golden retriever.

If you’d like to make a lasting stuffed toy investment that doubles as a best friend as well as a stylish room decoration, splurge on one of these truly giant pandas, huge horses or big basset hounds. Check out the links below to learn more about Melissa and Doug’s giant animals, and stay tuned to for more of my awesome creature finds!

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