Charlie's incessant barking  alerted his owner, Francis Gippert, that there was  trouble down the street where a man lay unconscious in a group of bushes a few doors away.

Charlie Demanded His Owner's Attention

A travel manager who works out of her home in Loganville, Georgia, Francis, aged 48, is constantly on the phone. Charlie would not leave her alone one lazy, summer afternoon a few years ago, and according to her, "kept tapping my arm and barking like crazy." She finally relented and obeyed Charlie's will. (See: Dog Leads Police To Desperate Scene.)

Charlie Led Her To A Man Who Needed Help

Usually on his daily  stroll Charlie had a favored spot across the street,  but on this day in this moment in time, he pulled her instead in the opposite direction. When they reached a spot some three houses away, Charlie began to bark furiously.  Gippert told the press: "I knew then that something was terribly wrong." (See: Sammy The Hero Dog Saves Neighbor By Smashing Window.)


West hihgland Terrier With Bow-Tie
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She looked closely into her neighbor's yard and her heart began to pound at the sight of a  man lying motionless in some bushes. She grabbed Charlie, rushed home and dialed 911. She then quickly returned to the semi-conscious man's side and waited for the ambulance. The man was Ray Monie, aged 64, who was the owner of the house and had been repairing the roof. He told  the press: "I knew I shouldn't have been doing it alone. While climbing from a lower roof to an upper roof, I lost my balance and fell, hitting my head before landing in the shrubbery below. Charlie raised a ruckus, and he really was a life saver...It's amazing that a dog could have heard something from at least 200 feet way and interpreted it as danger." (See: Canadian Hero Cat Saves Trapped Neighbor.)

Monie lay unattended for more than two hours, drifting in and out of consciousness. He suffered serious injuries, which included a collapsed lung and a cracked rib. He spent a week in the hospital. He now counts Charlie as one of his closest friends.  (See: Kelsey The Hero Golden Retriever.)

Bravo, Charlie!

Good job!

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Source: US News