Are you one cool cat? Are you one cute kitty? Then it is time to display
your true whickers with Cat Mask Sun-Staches Glasses. You will really
be able to channel your inner felines. . . er . . . feelings and yawn in
someone's face more easily.

Cat Mask Sun-Staches GlassesCat Mask Sun-Staches Glasses

These glasses are purr-fect for that all important black cat costume for Halloween or any fancy dress occasion. They also go WAY beyond the glasses with funny nose and mustache glasses of yore. This same company also makes a variety of mustaches and whiskers for your costume making -- including panda and Dalmatian.

Panda Mask Sun-Staches GlassesPanda Mask Sun-Staches Glasses

The plastic frames with non-polarized plastic lenses are sized for adults to wear. So you can channel your inner kid as well as your inner kitty. You don't have to save them for Halloween. You can just wear them around to see other people's reaction. Okay, maybe that's just me. 

Rabbit Mask Sun-Staches GlassesRabbit Mask Sun-Staches Glasses

To order your own pair of Cat Mask Sun-Staches Glasses, click here. To check out the Panda Glasses, click here. To check out the Dalmatian Glasses, click here. To check out the Rabbit Glasses, click here.

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