Tumbo Tiny Indoor Tugger

Tumbo Tiny Indoor Tugger


Here's an interactive toy for cats and small dogs that's especially meant for indoor play. Secured to the ceiling, this swinging hanging toy will keep your pets stimulated with its responsiveness to their every swat. You see, the Tumbo Tiny Tugger is attached to a bungee cord, so it challenges your little guy to keep jumping for it.

Don't worry, it's a gentle bungee cord and it's covered with a thick material, so your pet won't get hurt. 


Tumbo Tiny Indoor Tugger


A Hangman ceiling hook (see hook in above image) inserts into the ceiling, a rope attaches, then the bungee cord, and voila (!) your pet's Tiny Tugger toy, a little green puffy that squeaks when shaken.  And, of course, after your dog or cat ruins the little puffy, you can substitute other small soft toys that he might like.

If you've got a cat, don't forget to 'embellish' the plush toy in a little Meowijuana for some real action!


Tumbo Tiny Tugger Toy


I would hang the Tumbo in a room with pretty substantial carpeting, as you don't want your pet to land on too hard a surface when she jumps after the toy.  The Tumbo Tiny Indoor Tugger should hang just one or two inches above your pet's head to give her a challenge, but not too much of a challenge. You will be able to easily adjust the height of the toy, so experiment with it.


Tumbo makes an outdoor bungee toy for larger dogs called the Tumbo Tugger Outdoor Bungee Rope Toy that can be secured to a tree branch or other fixed structure.


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