Interactive pet toys are great. They don't replace you, but if you're not around, at least they offer some company to your little guys. The Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy has some special features your dog might enjoy.

This is the large size Pupper Pamper. (The size of the dog in relation to the puzzle is approximate.)


Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy

Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy (medium/large)


... but the height of the Pupper Pamper can be adjusted a few inches lower for the approximate height of a medium size dog.  The large Pupper Pamper is about 12 inches high; its base is about 1.4 feet wide. It can be lowered to 8 inches high for medium dogs.


Pupper Pamper for medium to large dogs

Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy (medium/large)


Below, though, is the Pupper Pamper version for small dogs and even cats!


Pupper Pamper for Small Dogs and Cats

Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy (small)


The small dog Pupper Pamper also adjusts to a lower height so tiny dogs can participate too.  The base is just over a foot wide. The height is about 10 inches at full expansion, but can be lowered to 6+ inches, so there is a 3+ inch adjustment for a very small dog (or cat).


Pupper Pamper for small dogs

Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy (small)


But this treat dispensing puzzle is not meant for puppies or other chewers. Your pets must be trained not to chew any part of the Pupper Pamper before they are left alone with it.

The image below shows the dispenser openings. Dogs have to tip the plastic "bones" over to get their treats (kibble), and then continue to maneuver them until more treats pop out.


Pupper Pamper Interactive Pet Toy


The bones are sturdy, but remember, they're not meant for chewing.

Here's a big guy showing how the Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy works.



The small Pupper Pamper includes three treat bottles; the large Pupper Pamper comes with four treat bottles, two "small" and two "large" bottles. You can remove one or more of the bottles by taking the platform apart. The bottle holder can be removed and then you can remove as many bottles as you want.

To train my own dog I would start with one bottle, and when he gets the hang of turning the bottle over and manipulating it so that it will release the kibbles, I would add another one - one at a time.

The Pupper Pamper is not intended as a feeder for your dogs. (If you are interested in puzzle feeders check out these snuffle mats.) Most owners just put a handful of kibble in the Pupper Pamper at a time. Make the Pupper Pamper available for occasional use and it will be more interesting to your dog; too much access and she will get bored with it.

Dr. Sophia Yin, highly regarded veterinarian and pet trainer, believed that we should throw out all our dog food bowls and let our dogs hunt for their food, like wild dogs do. She would probably like the Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy and the snuffle mats. They are not available to the average wild dog, but they are stimulating to our pets and keep them busy while we're away.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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