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Garfield Head Cat Scratcher & Lounger


Garfield, the most famous cartoon cat, is now 40 years old (280 in cat years!). He is still in great condition though, and has spread his popularity from 41 newspapers on his debut in 1978 to more than 2400 newspapers throughout the world. His cartoon has more than 200 million readers! This was the Garfield's first comic strip published in June, 1948 by his creator, Jim Davis.


Garfield's first cartoon strip

Garfield's first cartoon strip, June 19, 1978


Garfield even had his own TV show for many years in the 1980's and 90's (you can watch many shows on Youtube), and starred in a cartoon movie in 2004.

Garfield is still going strong as more and more companies are licensing his name and image to brand products like Garfield Cat Litter and Garfield Cat Fountain.

Here are a few pet toys your cat will enjoy to celebrate The Great Cat's birthday.


1.  Garfield & Odie Pets Club Garfield Finger Toy for Pets


Garfield & Odie Pets Club Garfield Finger Toy For Pets

Garfield & Odie Pets Club Garfield Finger Toy for Pets


A super finger toy for your cat. The toy body is stuffed with crackly material and it has bells on its toes. Nice and noisy and plenty to swat in this 18-inch long finger toy.


2. Garfield Head Cat Scratcher & Lounge


Garfield Head Cat Scratcher and Lounge

Garfield Cat Scratcher & Lounge


This is the cutest little Garfield Cat Scratcher and hang-out for your own little Garfield. The dimensions (17.7 x 16.2 x 10.3 inches) give plenty of space for a small to medium cat to snooze, and when your guy wakes up, there's plenty of room to stretch and scratch the thick cardboard walls. Notice too the head-rubbing bars behind Garfield's ears.


3. Garfield Dynamic Ball & Catnip Paste Cat Toy


Garfield Dynamic Ball & Catnip

Garfield Dynamic Ball & Catnip Paste Cat Toy


The Garfield Dynamic Ball & Catnip Paste Cat Toy is really neat. Squeeze some catnip paste from the tube into the ball, and your cat will be occupied for a good while and get some good exercise as well.


If you have a dog, he or she can still celebrate Garfield's birthday with this t-shirt!


Garfield Dog Shirt



Did you know that the famous cartoon cat, Garfield, is an Irish Short Hair?

Or that Garfield was named after his creator's grandfather, James A. Garfield Davis?

Learn Garfield's history here.


That's the buzz for today!

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