Cover your ears, the cicadas are coming! Hundreds of millions of Brood II Periodical Cicadas are about to emerge from their 17-year-long slumber along America's east coast. If that sounds good, you (or your Mom) might as well look good as well by sporting a pair of snappy cicada earrings.

According to the IAS (Indiana Academy of Science) Cicada Web Site at the College of Mount St. Joseph, 2013 will be the year that Brood II Periodical Cicadas are expected to emerge from their underground pupae by the multi-millions.

Last noted in 1996, this amazing natural phenomenon will occur along a wide stretch of the U.S. East Coast from southern New York State down to northern North Carolina. Former president and amateur naturalist Thomas Jefferson famously documented previous emergences of this brood in 1724, 1741, 1758, and 1775.

Since ignoring the high-pitched “SCREEEE!!” of the coming cicada-calypse is out of the question, why not go with the flow and wear your appreciation for cicadas on your sleeve... or better yet, in your ears! The cicadas aren't real – that would be, well, kinda icky and WAY noisy.

These cool & quirky cicada earrings would make a great Mother's Day gift as well, though it might be best to ensure Mom isn't bugged by bugs before buying 'em!




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