Got an indoor cat who wants to be outdoors, and vice versa? This custom, on-off, wall-hugging wired run offers the best of both worlds to cats while providing peace of mind for their owners.

You've seen them sitting on windowsills, looking longingly (or so it would seem) through clear but impenetrable glass at the people, squirrels, birds and other cats frolicking in the open air. Indoor cats don't always desire the dangers and delights of the great outdoors but one cat-owning homeowner has found a way to provide some of the delights without the danger.

Essentially a greatly elongated cage, the custom catwalk is floored with and is supported by wood as it winds its way around the house. The run rises and falls, offering the cats inside an assortment of views from varying heights and if the weather turns inclement, there's always a window close by.

The wall-wrapping catwalk cage isn't a solution that suits the needs of all cats but you can be sure they'll be happy to take advantage of it if it's offered to them. As for the human owners, the contraption may not exactly beautify their humble abode but it keeps their feline friends safe, secure, and occupied with things other than shredding the furniture... or worse. (via Rocketnews24, Nekomemo, and Comic Collector Live)