Did you ever think of enlisting your cat in the Army or the Air Force? If I were you I'd give a Cat Playhouse some serious consideration, because your cat may have heroic ambitions one day, and not know where to turn. Our kids play at being soldiers and firemen. Why not our cats?

One of our favorite serious kidders, ThinkGeek, has come out with a threesome of un-foldable Cardboard Classics Cat Playhouses, so that your cat can experience what it's like to be a hero.

For example, here is an Air Force plane, albeit an old model....


If your cat is thinking of enlisting in the Army, he should definitely try out this tank. Alternatively, he can just go in the tank when he's had too much to drink.



And, finally, your cat may want to stay close to home and be a local hero, like a fireman....



Is your cat your hero? He can be. Start early by investing in a Cat Playhouse. The manufacturer recommends that you help your cat set up his playhouse. It may get a bit complicated; look at all the parts!


You can get your own cat playhouse here at Amazon.

Thank you, Jill, for the tip!

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