Tired of barking at your cat when he/she scratches up your expensive furniture? This dog-shaped scratching post from Erik Stehmann of Soonsalon will make any feline purr... though resident pups might feel a bit peeved.    


Claws For Celebration


Available in large black “DOG” and small white “PUP” versions, Stehman's scratching posts are constructed using durable sisal rope applied over a lightweight yet stable dog-shaped base. According to the Soonsalon website, the faux-fido scratching posts are a “way for cats to release their frustration on their 'natural enemy!'”   



The War On Terrier

Doing double-duty as practical cat scratching posts and low-production art objects, don't expect to see Stehman's creative claw-sharpening solutions on Amazon or at your friendly neighborhood pet supplies store anytime soon.

The “art object” tag comes into play when the sticker prices come into view: €669.00 ($725) for little “PUP” and €990.00 ($1,070) for big “DOG”. I guess it's worth it... if you have really expensive furniture.