The Cat's Murphy Bed

The Cat's Murphy Bed


"The Cat's Murphy Bed" is one of the coolest pieces of human/cat furniture I've seen. When the cat's away, it shows handsomely as an end table in the poshest of living rooms. When cat needs a nap, pull out all the stops - the side-mounted sisal scratching mats and the thick cushioned bed.


The Cat's Murphy Bed


The Murphy Bed, named for its inventor, William Lawrence Murphy (1876 – 1957), has been a popular fixture since its invention, especially in one room apartments where it is not seen as appropriate to have guests in your bedroom. Thus the Murphy Bed became the mainstay of the bachelor and bachelorette's home furnishings, hiding in a wall or a closet facade.

Of course, space is still a luxury, especially if you are living in an apartment in a large city.  But even if space is not the primary issue, it's still nice to have a living room where your cat can be comfortable and contained (!), but you can still have human company.


The Cat's Murphy Bed

The Cat's Murphy Bed


The Cat's Murphy Bed is a solid, 54-pound birch wood storage table with an espresso finish. Its 26 1/4 x 18 x 12 inch dimensions hold enough storage space for cat toys, remote controls, reading material, or whatever you like to keep handy next to your lounge chair or sofa. Two shelves hold fabric totes for that purpose, but if it suits you more, you can remove the totes and just use the shelves for storage.


The Cat Murphy Bed


The sisal scratching mats on both sides are attached to the table with hook and loop material, so if company comes... again, you can remove them at your convenience.

The Cat's Murphy Bed is sold by Hammacher Schlemmer with a lifetime guarantee. I think Mr. Murphy would really like this Murphy Bed.


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