Palram is stepping out of its comfort zone to bring novel designs to the pet world. But the Pentangle series of three modern cat houses is sure to fit perfectly in your cat's comfort zones.


Palram Petangle Decor Cat Houses

Palram Petangle Decor Cat Houses


The whole concept of these 'pop-up' cat houses is new. They are not made out of cardboard or steel like most pop-up houses or kennels; they're made of sturdy, extruded, recycled plastic that arrives to your door in a flat box, but expands into a veritable formed castle for your kitty, and requires no nuts, screws, bolts, or tools to put it together, only pieces that can be put together with the accompanying ease-to-use plastic rivets. And unlike many cat hideaways, the Petangle has non-slip legs so she won't be slip-slidin' away when she moves around.


Palman Petangle Cat House - Diamond


Petangle's three shape options are iconic: Greek, Diamond, and Triangular are all elegant for a modern or traditional setting. Weighing in at 5.5 pounds, each 19 x 20 inch cat house comes with two removable round cozy pads covered with lush velour - one for inside the Petangle and the other for the top. Including the pads, the cat houses weigh 8.4 pounds.

Appreciate too, how cozy these Petangles are. They are nice and dark on the inside for when kitty really wants her privacy...


Palram Petangle Triangular

Palram Petangle Cat House Triangular


... but she can always come out and perch on top when she's willing to share herself with you.


Palram Petangle Cat House - Greek

Palram Petangle Cat House - Greek


I'm a nut for the Diamond's "solar gray" contours.

Palram Petangle Cat House - Diamond

Palram Petangle Cat House - Diamond


All three of the Petangles are easy to clean, but to preserve the clarity of the plastic, you should only use a soft sponge or cloth to clean it and nothing stronger than a dish washing soap like Dawn or Ivory. Rinse off with clear water and dry with a thin cotton towel or soft paper towel. I would treat this material as gently as my eyeglass lenses when it comes to cleaning.


Palram has been making extruded plastic products for 30 years; they are typically not for pets and not as small as these awesome cat houses. You are welcome to visit the company's other manufactured products here.


That's the buzz for today!

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