What's better than being a kid locked in a candy store? How about being a cat who found seventh heaven among a display of catnip-filled cat toys in a Dutch pet store.  

Catnip Crazed Cat Nabbed In Netherlands Pet Store

If you've ever wondered whether those catnip-infused cat toys really have catnip inside them, wonder no longer. An unnamed cat of indeterminate gender wandered into a Pets Place store in Zwolle, the Netherlands, and followed its nose to the store's massive display of cat toys.

Catnip Crazed Cat Nabbed In Netherlands Pet Store

Anyone whose ever given catnip to a cat (or tried planting a catnip bush in their garden) knows the critters go wild for the aromatic herb. No doubt a Pets Place traced the sound of ecstatic purring to the cat toy shelf where the lost feline appeared to have lost his wits among the plethora of colorful toys. It was a sight worth filming... and the video was soon posted at the Pets Place Facebook page.


A second video recorded and posted at YouTube by a friend of the store employee a bit later on shows the cat – and dozens of catnip chew toys – after the whole kit & kaboodle spilled off the shelves and onto the floor. As separating a cat from its catnip is a dicey proposition to say the least, it's a good thing the cat's owner traced their pet to the store and reclaimed it. One would hope the owner bought a catnip toy or two to compensate both the store and their pet. (via UPI)