This cat-themed toilet paper storage sling mounts behind your existing wall-mounted TP holder, ensuring your next roll is always close at hand.  

Cat Toilet Roll Storer Makes Your Bathroom Divine & Feline

The Hanging Cat Paper Stocker from Felissimo of Japan not only enhances your bathroom's cute cat vibe. It also means you'll never have to beg for someone, anyone, to spare a square when the last few sheets inexorably spiral off the current roll.

“There is no doubt that a simple toilet will be lively,” to quote Felissimo's ad copy mangled by Google Translate. “It is an irresistible paper stocker whose eyes look like a chewing bell.” Uh, yeah, that pretty much covers it. And, “cover it” is what the stocker does, neatly concealing a new roll of TP out of sight... but not out of mind.

Cat Toilet Roll Storer Makes Your Bathroom Divine & Feline

This clever bathroom accessory features a 100& polyester cover, a 100& cotton lining, and soft urethane foam stuffing. The included mounting hardware is made from durable polyethylene and the whole kit & caboodle is washable.

The Hanging Cat Paper Stocker is slightly adjustable, measuring 56 to 58 cm (about 22 inches) in length and 20 cm (just under 8 inches) in width after installation. Pit comes in three different cat-colors, and Felissimo also offers a variety of cat-themed toilet paper because of course they do.