Cats love hot weather, so it should come as no surprise that they make
great thermometers. Here are a few kitty thermometers that you can attach
to a window of your home to help you keep an eye on the temps.

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All of these delightful outdoor thermometers attach to a window with suction cups and gives temperature readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements.

Crashing Cat Window Thermometer

Crashing Cat Window ThermometerCrashing Cat Window Thermometer

This adorable ginger tabby appears to have tried a little too hard to catch that cheeky little bird on his head so that he crashed right into your window. Made from cold cast ceramic and cleverly detailed.

Black and White Fat Cat Thermometer

Black and White Fat Cat ThermometerBlack and White Fat Cat Thermometer

This chubby feline with an adorable meditative expression will have you going green. It is made from renewable albesia wood and is mercury free. 

Climbing Gray Tabby Thermometer

Climbing Gray Tabby ThermometerClimbing Gray Tabby Thermometer

This tempting temperature tabby looks like it is trying to climb the outside of your window. It is also mercury free and made from albesia wood. The paint and finishes are also non-toxic.

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