If you love native American icons and want to give your kitty, rabbit, or other small furry pet a fun house to hide or play, then take a look at the Loyal Luxe Native American Teepee.


Loyal Luxe Native American TeepeeLoyal Luxe Native American Teepee


Made of 100 percent recycled cardboard, the Native American Teepee for 'Fluffy Little Critters' is neatly carved and painted resembling actual native American artwork.  Not only a tasteful little hideaway for your pet, but a practical one, especially for cats who, as you know, love cardboard, and love to hide out where they can't be seen.

The Teepee is shipped flat, but can be assembled easily.  It measures 22 x 22 x 26-inches.  If your furry friend can't fit into the Teepee, one of the panels can be removed without sacrificing the design.  The product also ships with 5 cardboard toys: a dream catcher, feather, tomahawk, eagle and a bull’s head. You can find ot more about the teepee here.

Next, if you're looking to further accessorize the Native American Teepee, you need a furry rug for the Teepee floor like this Faux Bearskin Pet Bed, also by Loyal Luxe.


Loyal Luxe Faux Bearskin Pet BedLoyal Luxe Faux Bearskin Pet Bed


It's always great to find functional and fun pet products that you can use as accent pieces for your decor.


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