These creepy cute cat skull earrings from Japanese alternative artist Mai Aimheart explore the darker side of society's fascination with felines.    

Cat Skull Earrings from Mai Aimheart

Mai Aimheart is a Japanese alternative artist who, according to her Twitter bio, “loves goth steampunk and mysterious fantasy”. We're not sure which category these er, distinctive cat skull earrings fall into... as the old meme goes, why not both?

Note the realistic look of the miniature cat skulls – one might think the artist has seen a few actual cat skulls in her time, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Cat Skull Earrings from Mai Aimheart

The earrings feature titanium and rubber hardware with handmade artwork by Aimheart from an original design. No matter what breed of cat you fancy, it's all good 'cuz all cats look alike under the fur... and skin... and er, you know.

The suspended cat skulls are composed of tough and durable acrylic plastic and are double-sided to ensure the eerie bleached kitty noggins always gaze out upon our increasingly dystopian society.

Cat Skull Earrings from Mai Aimheart

Each earring measures  1.7cm wide by 1.7cm high (about 2/3” by 2/3”). Images posted at the Epicurean Garden website show two versions: one for pierced ears and one for un-pierced ears.

True goths, of course, will choose the pierced-ear models... whether their earlobes are pierced or not. (via Epicurean Garden and QOOZA)