These collectible cat-shaming figurines from Japan depict a passel of penitent kitties, each wearing a lettered sandwich board proclaiming the cat-egory of their crime.

Cat-Shaming Figurines

Start hoarding your laundry money and prepare to face summer's heat & humidity in unwashed clothes 'cuz there's a better use for your small change: feeding it into Japanese gachapon machines in hopes of completing this new set of cat-shaming figurines!

Unlike the original cat-shaming images that started appearing online several years ago, these contrite kitties wear formal framed sandwich boards around their scruffy necks.

Cat-Shaming Figurines

The miniature signs are secured by key chain-style ball chains and bear hand-lettered confessions such as “I played with the tissue”, “I ate your snack”, “I broke the dishes”, and “I clawed the wall”.

The series consists of four popular cat breeds – black & white, tiger tabby, and all-white, for example – plus a fifth so-called “secret cat”.

Cat-Shaming Figurines

The latter's signboard features a typically cat-like expression of what most mischief-making cats are really thinking... in the example above, it's “I'm not sorry”. Gotta love the way this cat, instead of meekly bowing its head, challenges the viewer with an I Regret Nothing stare.

Kudos to Jonelle Patrick of Only In Japan for finding these nifty neko figurines and selflessly diverting her laundry fund so we could virtually check them out.


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