Think your cat's jealous of all the time you spend typing away on your laptop? Think again... maybe they just want some personal feline keyboard time. Give your high-tech kitty what they want with the Cat Scratch Laptop!

The Cat Scratch Laptop is designed for critters with sharp, pointed claws – we're talkin' cats here, not your average hygiene-neglecting basement geek. The idea is for kitty to flex their organic flick-knives on a corrugated cardboard key-less “keyboard”, thus sparing your own device from wear it surely wasn't designed for.

Suck UK spices up the Cat Scratch Laptop with cat-relevant stickers, a high-res photo display “screen” that allows you to sub in your own photos, and a tethered non-functional mouse.

Besides the corrugated scratch pad, the Cat Scratch Laptop is made from stiff flat pack cardboard that's fully recyclable. That's good to know since it's only a matter of time before your walking hairball factory shreds it, pees on it, or both. (via Gizmodo)