Cushion the ties that bind with this soft plush padded cat's paw that does double duty as a seat belt pad and a cute travel pillow.

Cat's Paw Seat Belt Pillow Pad

This versatile seat belt pillow pad picks up where ordinary seat belt pads leave off, doubling down on comfort, cuteness and kitty-cat chic. Shaped like an enormous yet anomalous cat's paw complete with individually padded “meatball” toe pads, the black & pink strap cover is an ideal auto accessory for travelin' cat fanciers and their families.

The run-of-the-mill seat belt strap pads sold at Amazon are fine, mind you, and many come in colorful cat-themed patterns to boot. They're just a little light on the padding part... a deficiency that instantly becomes apparent when compared side-by-side with the Cat's Paw Seat Belt Pillow Pad. Like its thinner, flatter forebear, the pad is designed to slip over a standard seat belt's shoulder strap. That's where the resemblance ends.

Cat's Paw Seat Belt Pillow Pad

The thick and fluffy plush pad softens the touch of rigid and unyielding seat belts without affecting their paramount function – passenger safety. The plush paw pad weighs 115 grams (just over 4 oz.) and measures 330mm long by 180mm wide by 70mm thick (13” by 7” by 2.75”). It's made of durable, stain-resistant and fade-resistant polyester.

The pad really shows its true colors, however, on long drives when the user can lean their head into it, just like a travel pillow. Last but not least, the pad can be used as a supportive cushion anywhere, anyplace and in any situation just by detaching it from the seat belt. Pawesome... er, awesome! For more information, please visit the product page at Village Vanguard.

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