An embossed cat's paw print on the inner surface of the 'Neko' Bangle Wrist Watch's band will leave a similarly-shaped mark on your skin, which is not in any way creepy.

Cat's Paw Bangle Wrist Watch

The Neko (Cat) Bangle Wrist Watch can be found at Felissimo's online Neko-bu Collection of cat-themed products and accessories.

Made in Japan but incorporating a Chinese-made movement, the watch is anything but a toy: the face cover is glass, the case back is of stainless steel, and exposed metal components are palladium-plated.

Cat's Paw Bangle Wrist Watch

The watch features an easy-to-read dial face whose numbers are enhanced with nifty cat's ear serifs. Equally cute is the tip of the second hand, formed in the likeness of a stylized fish.

The highlight of this cat-themed wrist watch, however, is the embossed paw print rising above the bangle band's inner surface. Prolonged pressure of the wearer's wrist against this “bump” will leave an inverted paw-shaped impression on the skin. Cute, isn't it... or is it?? Get more info at the Felissimo product page.