Brave cat sounds fire alert

Tink knew exactly l what to do when lethal smoke billowed into Claire and Russell Hopkinson's home. The British couple and their two sons, Jake and Scott, were sound asleep when noxious fumes ignited by an electrical fault on an adjacent property invaded their home. The cat leaped onto the bed with an urgent  thud, which she never did before, awakening the frightened pair from the deepest depths of slumber. (See my article on Che.)

There were barely minutes to spare as the family managed to scramble to safety. In the panic and rush of the moment, the cat panicked and hid inside a cupboard. Soon, the terrible fumes overcame her and she was unconscious when the firefighters found her. (See my article on Major Tom.)

In Claire Hopkinson's own words: "When firefighters arrived they asked if anyone else was in the house and we explained our cat was. A firefighter went in and found her but, when  he brought her out, she was unconscious and limp. We were heartbroken and thought we'd lost her. But the firefighters had a special oxygen mask for animals and my son, Scott, sat in the fire engine holding it on her for an hour until she came round." ( See my article  on The Cat Who Dialed 911.)


Tortoise Shell Beauty
Tortoise-Shell Cat

Brave Tink wins two awards

Actress, Anita Dobson, on behalf of Cats Protection, the leading British feline welfare charity, bestowed two coveted titles on this very brave kitty; Hero Cat and National Cat of the Year. in her own words: "Tink's story stood out because it really tugged on my heartstrings, particularly the part where she passed out and had to be resuscitated by firefighters. She is a true hero." At London's Savoy, Mrs. Hopkinson described to the audience how close to death the family had come when the fire invaded their home last winter. She said lovingly:

"Tink has always been a much loved pet, but not a day goes past when I'm not grateful for her actions on that day. if it wasn't for her, the outcome could have been horrific. She is our true hero...I can't explain how relieved and happy we were that she pulled through. Tink is a truly special cat and we love her to bits. She is an essential part of our family and we're so proud of her for what she did." (See my article on Blind Dog Teaches Children To See.)