"Gaming eNyaphones" from Japan feature earbud covers shaped like cat's heads and a microphone tipped with a kitten's paw.

Cat Motif Gaming Gear Gives Glam Gamers A Paws That Refreshes

Gamer gals can bring out their inner kitties with these neat & nifty Gaming eNyaphones from A'class. The whole kit & kaboodle comes in black with your choice of cool blue or hot magenta trim accents.

Although the devices will fit anyone and any gender, the illustration on each color's box depicts an anime-stylized young woman. But hey, please feel free to do whatever you like in the privacy of your own home/room/basement, or at your local 'net cafe... we're not here to judge you.      

Cat Motif Gaming Gear Gives Glam Gamers A Paws That Refreshes

Not all devices are compatible with other devices – it's the way of the e-world. We can tell you that these Gaming eNyaphones ARE compatible with PSVR, PS4 controllers, and the Nintendo Switch to name just a few. We would advise Switch users to pick up an extra mic cable, however, because you'll need it to connect with your smartphone.

Gaming eNyaphones are so new you can't even buy them, at press time, at least. Patience, young grasshoppers... Village Vanguard Online is currently accepting pre-orders and expects to ship product in September of 2019. (via IT Media)

* Thanks to Lady Bee for the tip!