A gray tabby cat who went missing a year ago has been found, safe and sound, 120 miles away from his home in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Cat Missing For A Year Found 120 Miles Away

Romeo – more like “Roam-eo”, amiright? – was well-known around Kennebunkport where he'd turn up at outdoor weddings, hang out at local hotel lobbies, and even visit former president George H.W. Bush at the Bush's summer home.

He'd always return to his home, however, often bringing “gifts” he'd caught while roaming the forested hills... until one day in November of 2016. His owners, George Lichte and family, looked high and low for their furry friend but to no avail.

Cat Missing For A Year Found 120 Miles Away

A year passed and the Lichte's were still missing Romeo to the point where they were considering getting another cat. After all, a year is a long time to be missing and Maine winters are hard on all creatures, domestic or wild.

Imagine, then, the shock George Lichte felt when he answered the phone and was greeted by a veterinarian in Skowhegan, over a hundred miles away! It seems a student at nearby Unity College was surprised by a friendly gray tabby who crawled onto his lap; a visit to the local vet confirmed the microchipped stray was actually Romeo.

Cat Missing For A Year Found 120 Miles Away

The Lichte family drove two hours northeast by highway and byway to pick up their long-lost wanderer, crossing several large rivers on the way. The difficulty of the journey for a cat, even given a year in which to travel it, both impressed and puzzled George Lichte. Did Romeo hitch a ride? Was he cat-napped and later escaped?

“It's also a question of how did he get there,” stated Lichte. “It's one thing for it to show up at the Bush's house through the woods,” he wondered. “How (did he) get across the Saco River, the Androscoggin River, the Kennebec? How did he get that far?” Romeo is yet to comment... and don't hold your breath he ever will. Suffice to say the cat came back, the very next, er, year. (via Bangor Daily News)