Cat owners, show people how much you love your kitties the moment they
set foot on your doorstep with these funny and cute cat themed door mats
that tell it like it really is.

Keep the dirt and the kitty cat haters out of your house because you don't need that kind of negativity in your life. Take your pick from any of these clever and cute mats.



1. Welcoming Face


This sweet, welcoming black cat face door mat was hand-stenciled using fade-resistant dyes to ensure this cat door mat has more than just nine lives.


2. Cats Rule, Really

Let people know what's really going on with this funny doormat that reads, "The cat and its housekeeping staff reside here." This quality doormat made from high cotton is sure to get some laughs.

3. That's Why

This "because cats" doormat might be simple but it's the best explanation. Featuring tons of doodle-style kitties, this heat-resistant indoor/outdoor door mat is the purrfect choice.

4. Ransom Tuna

This is not a joke, I repeat, this is not a joke, give the kitty its tuna. This ransom note doormat wasn't written by a scaredy cat, that's for sure. Anyone else find it humorous that this mat is in the Joker's colors?

5. Sixth Sense

I'm sorry, if my cat doesn't like you, you can't come inside. You can stay on my hilarious doormat, though. This mat offers more than just laughs, it is mildew-resistant, fade-resistant, easy to clean, and can be used as either an inside or outside mat.

6. Beware!

I don;t know about you, but this tiny kitty cat is pretty terrifying, don't you think? Ward away any unwanted visitors with this ferociously funny guard kitty cat door mat. This door mat was made in an environmentally friendly way and is made from coconut husks making it insanely durable.

7. Guard Kitty

Beware of cat

, or else you're next! One thing not getting scratched up is this fade-resistant coir fiber mat.

8. Crazy Cat Lady

One more cat

and you'll be ready for your collection of crazy cat lady memorabelia. And maybe a new collection of door mats with all these supurrrb choices?

9. Dapper Kitty

I mustache you if you'd like to come inside. This bow-tied kitty is happy on his machine washable, heat-resistant, and non woven fabric top meaning this cutie is going to be sticking around for quite some time.

10. Your Very Own Cathouse

Just what you've always wanted, a cathouse named after you. Let guests know you're serious about your level of crazy cat lady with this funny and customizable cathouse door mat made from 100% olefin.

11. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat doormat

says, "Go Away." Ah yes, the iconic Grumpy Cat is here to tell your guests how you really feel. The features of this door mat aren't so grumpy, though. Machine washable, non-slip, and heat-resistant. I was thinking a trap door underneath was more of Grumpy Cat's style.

12. Catnip Users Anonymous

This funny kitty is catnip-free. Just look at him, he's innocent, innocent, he says! This attractive and hilarious door mat is made with high cotton and can be used either indoor or outdoor.

13. DJ Cat Scratch

DJ Cat Scratch is playing some sweet tunes in a galaxy far, far away. If you didn't already know, galaxy cats are pretty trendy for reasons that should be obvious. The pros to having this door mat are as out of this world as the talented kitty on it. This mat is heat-resistant, non-slip, mildew-resistant, can be used indoor or outdoor, and is machine washable. That was quite a meowth full.

14. Feline Geeky

This adorable doormat features some kitties that are feline geeky. These kitties won't slip up thanks to the non-slip backing, and they can also take the heat since they're heat-resistant.

15. Interior Decatorator

Don't you just love what we've done with the place? We hired an interior decatorator. This funny door mat can be used inside or outside making it quite the cat-ch.

16. Help Me!

This poor, tortured kitty is trying to reach out to you through this hilarious doormat.  Send help and treats!

17. Go Away

Aw, look, my kitty's middle claw likes you. This cheeky doormat is guaranteed to keep unwanted visitors at bay. And don't worry if your visitors get mad, this foul-clawed scoundrel is heat-resistant.

Keep your house clean while keeping the cat haters at bay. Which one of these kitty door mats are you dying to put on your doorstep? 



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