I've long been a believer that cats and dogs eat grass for a good reason: they need it. The thing about cats is that they eat everything that's green, so you end up having to give up your house plants, unless you're sure they pose no danger to kitty.

The folks at Cat Livin', the ones that created the fantastic Climber, have done it again --created just what kitty needs: a healthy grass just for cats that will help their digestive systems (and hairballs!), and provide balanced nutrition to their diets.

The Garden for cats is created from 100 percent organic oats, wheat,
rye, and barly. You plant the seed plate (seeds and peet) in the pretty
stainless steel container and the grass matures in 4 - 6 days. Place
the container near your cat's eating area, and he'll get the idea in no




The Gardenand refills, were released just this month by Cat Livin, and they've already been selected as a favorite product by Cat Fancy Magazine.


That's the buzz for today!



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