Cat Head Smell Spray from Japan's Nekobu makes everything you spritz it on smell like puss- er, fresh baked bread. Yeah, that's the ticket!    



Well-Bread Felines

“Mohu Mohu Forehead Scent Fabric Water”, to use the product's translated name, was specifically formulated to replicate the subtle yet sublime scent of a cat's head and neck.

That feline foreheads even HAVE an aroma may come as some surprise to many out there – cat-owners included – but many others can vouch for their kittehs exuding a fragrance not unlike freshly baked bread. That's BREAD, not Pop-Tarts. 



Aromatic Cat-a-Tonic

Should you number yourself among the multitudes of cat head scent aficionados, Nekobu has got your feline fume fix in a ready-to-spray 100ml (3.38 fl.oz) bottle imprinted with a cute cat's face. It's recommended the user spray the Fabric Water on, er, fabrics such as sofa cushions, stuffed animals, bed linens & duvets, and so on.

Applying the aroma to one's own clothing might not be the best idea lest a short walk outdoors lead to every cat in the area following you back home. Ditto for spraying any actual cats (or dogs), for similarly obvious reasons.   



Scent Of A Kitten

According to the Felissimo foreign-sales product page, Mohu Mohu Forehead Scent Fabric Water contains (by descending proportion) water, ethanol, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, citric acid, citric acid Na, benzoic acid Na, and “perfume”... not exactly giving away any trade secrets, are they?

In any case, Nekobu/Felissimo is offering said scented spray for just 1,200 yen or around $10 per bottle. A small portion of each sale will be re-directed towards the Cat Fund Felissimo, which may or may not be a project dedicated to freshening up smelly cats. (via Enuchi)