Cat Grooming Supplies: Keep felines groomed and healthyCat Grooming Supplies: Keep felines groomed and healthyMany people are under the impression that just because their cats lay about languidly grooming themselves for seemingly hours on end that all their grooming needs are self met. This isn't exactly true. While cats are capable of taking care of much, if not most, of their grooming regimen, there is still a lot that you can do to help. With a few handy cat grooming supplies, you can reduce the amount of fur floating about your home and greatly reduce the number of fur balls your little king or queen of the jungle hacks up at the most inopportune times and places.

Grooming Gloves for Cats

Gloves or mitts specifically designed for the purpose of hair removal while getting in some bonding time with your cat are well suited to this dual objective. The nice thing about this particular cat grooming tool is that most cats don't have any idea that it's just that: a cat grooming tool. As long as they're not put off by the look of it, they should sit or lay for as long as you use it. Super easy to use, you just slip your hand inside and stroke their fur and the glove with its little raised nubbins does the rest. Unfortunately, some cats are warier than others and know a ploy when they see one. If the mitt scares your cats, try leaving it lying around where your pets tend to lounge about and slowly work it into their lives. Love Glove makes a good one.

De-Shedding Tools for Cat Grooming

If you've got cats with longer hair, a de-shedding tool can be invaluable in the summer months. Unless they're taken care of, thick undercoats can quickly become matted and messy while leaving your pet looking less like a cat than an old, dirty slipper. Besides the unsightly appearance, it can't be comfortable for them, either, especially in the heat. There are several de-shedding grooming tools on the market like Shed Magic or FURminator that are perfect for the task and include videos offering short tutorials to get you up to speed with the quickest, most efficient ways to use them.

Safety Nail Clippers for Cats


Cat Grooming Supplies: QuickFinder Nail Clippers for CatsCat Grooming Supplies: QuickFinder Nail Clippers for Cats

If you're brave enough to clip your cat's nails and they'll stand for it, make sure and get a pair designed with safety in mind. Once you cut into the quick, chances are they'll never let you clip their nails again — at least not willingly. With safety nail clippers for cats, there's no need for kitty chloroform (just kidding, we would never use it!) and you'll be done in no time. Safety nail clippers made specifically for cats feature a mechanism to stop the clipper from going too far down the claw. This allows you to safely clip before the quick with no muss and very little fuss. QuickFinder nail clippers for cats detects the quick and alerts you when it's safe to clip. These clippers can be used with other small animals as well.

Dry Shampoos for Cats

There's nothing most cats hate more than a bath. This is especially true if the animal was not bathed often as a kitten in order to get them used to the process. If you've adopted an older cat or you have one that refuses to get with the program, dry shampoos can be just the pick me up for lank, oily hair. Rather than go out and purchase a product for this specific purpose, check your cupboards for corn starch and try dusting a small amount into the base of your cat's fur. Start by running your hand against the direction of the hair growth and then back and forth to ensure even coverage and promote fluffing. This is a trick often employed by professional cat exhibitors, and it is completely harmless. Women have been doing this with baby powder for decades, so why not cats?

More Cat Grooming Supplies

One of the biggest problems with older pets is dental decay. It's probably even more prevalent in cats due to the fact that they don't gnaw on bones, which aids in scraping teeth clean. If your cat's dental health is a concern to you, purchase a small cat toothbrush and a tube of meat-flavored toothpaste and let the cleaning commence. If you're curious if you read that right, you did: meat-flavored toothpaste. Pet toothpastes come in beef, chicken and seafood flavors to entice your little fur ball into the habit of good dental hygiene — or at least they'll be less likely to fight it. If your pet refuses to accept a toothbrush, try a finger brush. All of these products are reasonably priced and available at well-stocked pet supply outlets.

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