The fang-tastic Gaburi mug gives you game-face before you've even drained that first morning cuppa joe.      

Cat Fang Mug Puts A Brave Face On Coffee Nerves

Frazzled by mental fuzziness 'cuz you haven't had coffee yet? We've all been there – even explaining your sleepy faux pas' can take more effort than most can muster before injecting the java.

Fear not, pre-caffeinated proles, the Gaburi mug from Japan's Decole help's you face those early morning challenges in the most biting way possible. All you've got to do is life the mug to your lips – as tough as that can be – and let the cute calico cat on the mug's side show your co-workers who really rules the cubicle community.   

Cat Fang Mug Puts A Brave Face On Coffee Nerves

Designed in Japan and made in China, the ceramic Gaburi mug weighs 240 grams (just under half a pound) and stands 76mm (about 3 inches) tall. The molded-in handle gives your stressed-out fingers something to grip while a growling open mouth and bristling 2D fangs glare out at the oppressive world with each energy-imparting sip.

Indeed, by the time you've slurped up the last drop of perked plasma, it'll be a wonder if anyone's still around! Not that there's anything wrong with that. For more info and ordering instructions (in Japanese only), please visit the product page at Amazon.