This metallic embroidered cat face shoulder bag allows you to show off your love of kitties when stepping out in the big city.

Cat Face Shoulder Bag

Pets don't always play a part when assembling a stunning fashion ensemble but when they do, it looks kinda like this: the Metallic Embroidered Cat Face PU Pebble Texture Leather Shoulder Bag.

The “PU” stands for “polyurethane”, by the way. This is one cat who won't be kicking up the litter while you're kicking up your heels!

Cat Face Shoulder Bag

This gorgeous shoulder bag comes in a choice of four different metallic colors: black, gold, silver, or teal. The bag's front panel features a strikingly embroidered and intricately detailed cat's face set off with penetrating teal tinted eyes.

Unlike far too many fashion accessories, the Metallic Embroidered Cat Face Shoulder Bag is designed for GO as well as SHOW. The bag's interior has a durable polyester fabric lining, and is cleverly subdivided with a zipper pocket, a slot pocket, and a cell phone pocket because yeah, you're gonna want to memorialize each outing with a few selfies.

Cat Face Shoulder Bag

Let's not forget security: this smart & stylish clutch keeps your personal items close at hand – and ONLY your hands. The bag's ornamental decorative front strap is secured by a heavy gold-tone lock. Carrying options are enabled by both a short PU leather strap and a long woven strap emblazoned with white lettering.

So get your cat on before you get down – the Metallic Embroidered Cat Face Shoulder Bag is a purse that'll keep the compliments purring right along. For more info and ordering instructions, please visit the CatsPlay Cat Furniture Superstore product page.