If your cat tries to bolt out every time you open the door, it may seem challenging to keep your cat indoors. By making the door unappealing, and by making inside more appealing, you can effectively get rid of your cats reason to leave. Here are five ways to prevent cat escaping.

Keep Cat Inside Tip #1: Spay Or Neuter

 Maine Coon: Image by Gnuckx, FlickrMaine Coon: Image by Gnuckx, Flickr

A common reason for cats to bolt out of the house is directly related to whether or not they're spayed or neutered. If it's breeding season, and there are other cats around the house, your cats are going to want to leave to follow their natural instincts to mate. So, if you have your cat spayed or neutered it will probably at least help part of the problem.

Keep Cat Inside Tip #2: Aluminum Foil or Double Sided Tape

Aluminum Foil: Image by Public Domain Photos, FlickrAluminum Foil: Image by Public Domain Photos, Flickr 

Many cats dislike the way aluminum foil feels on their paws, so they'll generally avoid walking on it. The same can be said for double sided tape, because they don't like the stickiness. Lay some aluminum foil or double sided tape in front of the door so your cat won't feel inclined to go there.

Keep Cat Inside Tip #3: Scent Deterrents

Orange Shine: Image by Zlakfoto, FlickrOrange Shine: Image by Zlakfoto, Flickr 

Cats dislike citrus smells, and they'll do their best to avoid areas which smell of citrus. An orange or lemon scent sprayed toward the entryway might keep your cat away. A good mixture can usually be made by adding some citrus peels to a couple cups of boiling water, maybe with a small amount of citrus smelling dish soap for good measure.

Keep Cat Inside Tip #4: Plenty of Entertainment

Cat Toy: Image by Brad23707, FlickrCat Toy: Image by Brad23707, Flickr 

Most cats will feel less of an urge to explore outside if they're completely satisfied with their environment inside. To spice up their current living space, try adding a good cat tree or two like the Go Pet Club Cat Tree. Good cat toys like Hagen Catit Design Senses Play Circuit are also important to keep a cat happy and entertained.

Keep Cat Inside Tip #5: Positive Reinforcement

Kitty Treats: Image by Robert Couse-Baker, FlickrKitty Treats: Image by Robert Couse-Baker, Flickr 

Help your cat associate the door being opened with something positive. Not because they can go outside, but because they'll get a nice treat if they don't. For instance, only give your cat a treat if he's on his cat tree or bed, or at a safe distance from the door, when you leave. Use knocks at the door and similar things as a way to train your cat to think the door opening is positive, but only if he stays away from the door. 

What methods have you used to stop your indoor cat from running outdoors? Feel free to share in the comments! 

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