A California cat needed a helping hand when a small snake she was trying to eat attempted to escape its fate by exiting through her nostril.

Cat Confounded By Snake Stuck In Nostril

Call it a narrow escape... how narrow, you ask? Well, about as narrow as a kitty-cat's nostril. Poor Marianne, a black cat from Mendocino County, California thought she'd triumphed over a small Sharp-tailed Snake and as a reward to herself, thought she'd eat it – head first. Problem was, the snake still had some life left in it and, spying daylight ahead, made a beeline for freedom via one of Marianne's nostrils.  

Cat Confounded By Snake Stuck In Nostril

Evidently the serpent hadn't thought its brilliant escape plan through, however. It seems the reptile's midriff was of a greater girth than either its head or tail – tell us about it, right? The snake ended up stuck halfway out Marianne's nose to the distress of both creatures!


Humankind to the rescue, though not without displaying some snark. “My wife's ridiculous cat failed at eating her prey,” comments the obviously long-suffering gent. “Hopefully next time she won't forget to chew.” One wonders if there'll even BE a next time as Marianne is a tad freaked out by the incident. As for the snake, there won't be a next time as it didn't survive its not-so-excellent adventure. (via UPI)