Cats may be our BFFFs (best furry friends forever) but friends don't let friends go through nine lives with gender-specific names, unlike this selection of unisex moniker'd moggies.

Luna: The Top 10 Unisex Cat Names For 2021



Luna: The Top 10 Unisex Cat Names For 2021

We've drawn our top ten top-down names list from Kitty Catter, who go the extra mile by listing The Top 100 Most Popular Cat Names in 2021 – male, female and er, neutered? “Neutral”, that's the word we're looking for!

Anyway, enough kitty cat chit chat – all hail and celebrate Luna! Call her after the Roman moon goddess, Sailor Moon's mascot/mentor or international moggie of mystery... just don't call her late for canned cat food dinner. (cat named Luna images above via wajun Kuwahara)            



Coco: The Top 10 Unisex Cat Names For 2021

Calling your cat “Coco” ain't so koo-koo, even if your feline's fur isn't cocoa-colored. Of course, what passes for chocolate these days comes in pretty much any shade – even white.

That said, a white cat named Coco might invite questions or at least prompt a raised eyebrow but all that pales in comparison to Coco the cat clothed in a crocheted cape. Cool! (cat named Coco image above via Jacqueline Brocker)                       



Smokey: The Top 10 Unisex Cat Names For 2021

Only you can prevent forest fires, so don't let Smokey the Cat camp out unattended. Smokey is a popular cat name for tabby cats sporting swirling spirals of grey, brown and black on their coats.

Where there's smoke there's fur, one might say, though that pun is really too terrible to print. Doh! The Smokey above agrees as he looks down on our shenanigans. (cat named Smokey image above via Stephen Rahn)



The Top 10 Unisex Cat Names For 2021

Of course your cat is a perfect angel worthy of the name and... wait, we're talking about cats, right? Maybe you've named your pet Angel after the re-souled vampire played by David Boreanz in the eponymous early-2000s Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff. Hmm, now we're getting more cat-like, amiright?

All kidding (kittying?) aside, here's one Angel that not only looks the part but met the angelic standard, in her owner's opinion. This Angel's gone to a better place and we don't have to say where, now do we? (cat named Angel image above via Michael Hanna)



The Top 10 Unisex Cat Names For 2021

Oreo's a popular name for cats 'cuz – have you SEEN how many black & white “cow-cats” there are? Then again, have you seen how many varieties of Oreos there are?? No wonder “Oreo” is such a popular name for cats – no matter what color their fur is, there's an Oreo flavor that matches it.

If you were a cat named Oreo, what flavor Oreo would you be? Tiramisu? Cinnamon Bun? Double Stuff (like the chonker above)? We're gonna go with... anything but Swedish Fish. (cat named Oreo image above via travel oriented)



The Top 10 Unisex Cat Names For 2021

Shadow is an excellent name for a cat: they either follow you like a, well, you know or they silently slink along walls and fences like a – you get the picture. Why not both?

This gorgeous cat named Shadow appears to be well-named. At least, as long as he keeps those searchlight-like eyes shut. He... he's right behind me, isn't he? (cat named Shadow image above via Geoffrey Fairchild)



Willow: The Top 10 Unisex Cat Names For 2021

Willow is a great name for a cat, even if they've gotta share it with Will Smith's daughter. Cats are “willowy” - that is, they're graceful, lithe and flexible. On the other hand, willow trees like water and cats infamously do not.

Don't believe us? Try giving the average cat a bath and they will gently ask you to “leaf” them alone. And by “gentle”, we mean they'll shred your ignorant self faster than Will Smith can collect a major paycheck for yet another minor movie. (cat named Willow image above via chris vaughan)



Lucky: The Top 10 Unisex Cat Names For 2021

Here's Lucky the cat, channeling the “I should buy a boat” cat meme character like a boss. Just look at that studious expression – we seriously think he can read that newspaper in front of him. Prob'ly browsing the classifieds for boats and such.

Lucky is quite a common name for cats of all colors and genders. Think it might have something to do with that whole “nine lives” thing? As any cat would tell ya, “luck has nothin' to do with it.” (cat named Lucky image above via liz west)



Pepper: The Top 10 Unisex Cat Names For 2021

Lots of cats are named Pepper, no doubt in reference to their peppery grey patterned coats. Curiously, very few cats get named “Salt” even though white is a very common coat color for cats. There must be an important reason for this dichotomy. One might say, it's nothing to sneeze at.

The cats above are named “Pickle” and “Pepper” - no word on which one is which; we just like the photo. Good to know that Pickle has moved on from mowing the White House lawn. (cat named Pepper image above via benjgibbs)



Mr. Kitty: The Top 10 Unisex Cat Names For 2021

Yes, “Kitty”... good thing cats neither know nor care about their names. We can't speak for Kid Rock, Guy Ritchie or Baby Spice but they do have our condolences. We'd ask the late Kitty Carlisle but we don't know the Password to the afterlife, To Tell the Truth.

Then we have the cat pictured above, whose name is... wait for it... Mr. Kitty! Snicker if you like but this shaggy dude weighs 18 pounds and has no time for your childish name issues. “They call me MISTER Kitty.” Don't like it, you can call 911. (cat named Kitty image above via Greg Chiasson)

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